Horse Training & Day Work

Rather than having ten or more outside horses in for training, I limit myself to four horses at a time. This not only allows me to spend more time per horse, but also allows me to take on day jobs to give the horses more "real life" outside experience.

I prefer putting on at least 90 to start a colt properly. After this time most (but not necessarily all) horses  horses will have a good stop, open and close gates, change leads, have a good turn around and basically have a good handle on them.

Training Charges

Charge for training is $500 (feed included) and $550 a month if you want your horse started on cattle in the arena. I believe firmly in a 3 month program while starting a colt. In that time an average colt will have a decent turn-around, good stop,  be changing leads,and working gates.

All horses will be ridden both in and out of the arena. Whenever possible, your horse will also be used on ranches doing day work. This is an added benefit to your horse as it will receive a little more "real life" experience when in training.

Besides making general ranch and using horses, I can train for reining, cutting, ranch roping and western pleasure.

Cattle Work

If you need more hands for working cattle, I can come alone, or I can also bring one or two more hands with me. We all provide our mounts and are capable for any kind of cattle work you need from gathering to branding or doctoring yearlings.

Cost is $100 per man per day plus a one way travel charge of $0.60.